Lucie Skeaping

Illustrated Lectures, Workshops and Courses


Lucie has spoken at


Dartington Hall International Music Summer School, Gresham College, Globe Education, The Arts Society(NADFAS), Royal National Theatre Education, University of California Santa Barbara, Royal Shakespeare Company, Society for Theatre Research, Handel House, Institute of Musical Research (Coffin Memorial Lecture), Pepys Library Magdalene College Cambridge, King’s College London, English Folk Dance and Song Society, Huntington Library California, Greenwich National Maritime Museum.


Current topics include:

Singing Simpkin and other Bawdy Jigs: Musical Comedy on the Shakespearean Stage

Comical, bawdy, musical and sometimes libellous, the 17th century ‘jig’ was not simply a dance but a short musical play given as an afterpiece in the playhouses of Elizabethan and Jacobean England. Lucie discusses the research and reconstruction of the nine surviving jig texts, their history, performance, language and music. She offers a 1-hour lecture or a practical workshop for singers, singing actors and instrumentalists, exploring plots, characters and improvisation, leading to an informal performance

Penny Merriments: Samuel Pepys’s Broadside Ballad Collection

The broadside ballads that flooded England from Shakespeare’s time to the end of the 1600s were the pop songs of their day. Printed in their thousands and sold on the streets by rough-singing pedlars they featured politics, romance, comical or bawdy stories, religion and gossip. Using sung examples and PPT illustrations Lucie discusses context, language, themes, printing, tunes, reconstruction and the vital part Pepys played in their preservation