Singing Simpkin and Other Bawdy Jigs.jpg

Singing Simpkin and other Bawdy Jigs: Musical Comedy on the Shakespearean Stage

(with Roger Clegg)

Exeter University Press 2014

Comical, bawdy and libellous, the theatrical ‘Jig’ of the late 16th/early 17th-centuries was not simply a dance but a lively musical play. Often given as an afterpiece, its cast of cuckolds, whores, lechers, ruffians and bumpkins drew large crowds to the Tudor and Stuart Playhouses. This edition re-unites the 9 surviving jig texts with their original tunes for the first time in 400 years; it offers a comprehensive history and discusses sources, provenance, plots and instrumentation.

‘The most substantial and authoritative study of this elusive and much misunderstood genre’

Broadside Ballets by Lucie Skeaping.jpg

Broadside Ballads

Faber Music 2006, Winner Music Industries Award Best Classical Music Publication 2006

The first anthology devoted to 17th-century ballads that includes tunes supported by chord symbols; it will rekindle the art of story-telling through song’

‘There is an irresistible urge to play the tunes as you go along… As Skeaping admirably shows, in the world of the ballad, wit and variety are all’

Lets make Tudor Music by Lucie Skeaper.jpg

Let’s Make Tudor Music

Stainer & Bell 1999, Runner-up, Times Educational Supplement Best Primary School Book Award.

This exciting Key Stage 2 education project contains real Tudor songs, dances and drama, listening games and other things to do. Pack includes a Teachers Book, Pupils’ Books and a beautifully produced 35-track CD to play along to. Suitable for specialist and non-specialist teachers wishing to broaden the scope of classroom musical activity.