Lucie Skeaping | Uncovering forgotten music

The Musical Mystery Tour


A lively, fast-moving musical history from primitive times to the Tudors and Stuarts. For children and family audiences

Costumes, jokes, participation, play-acting and lots of instruments
Duration 55 minutes

‘The children sat transfixed’
Times Educational Supplement

On the Musical Mystery Tour

With costumes, sketches, dance, play-acting, comedy and a riot of period instruments from stones and bones to hurdygurdy, fiddle, viol, recorder, lute, harp and crumhorn, this show is that rare combination - both educational and highly entertaining.

Based on Lucie and Roddy Skeaping’s award-winning publication Let’s Make Tudor Music (for the National Curriculum Key Stage Two), children and family audiences join Henry VIII’s band, learn a Tudor love song, a courtly dance and how to make an instrument. Along the way they hear ‘caveman music’, help fight a dragon and find out why Roddy put his violin in the washing machine! Visits to over 50 schools, art centres and festivals every year.

On the Musical Mystery Tour