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'The English Stage Jig - musical comedies from the 16th & 17th centuries' CDA67754

The Jig of  Shakespeare's time was not simply a dance but a lively musical farce - a comic mini-play set to
popular tunes of the day. With a cast of cuckolds, whores, lechers, muggers and bumpkins they drew huge
crowds to the London playhouses. This disc is the first ever musical reconstruction of 5 Jigs.

‘Cheeky and witty - but underpinning their huge sense of fun is some pretty impressive research. The perfect tonic’

‘Genially accomplished - Skeaping and the Waites let in a bracing breeze’
BBC Music Magazine

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'Lusty Broadside Ballads and Playford Dances'
(link is for info only; order this CD direct from Lucie Skeaping)

Broadside ballads, popular songs and rollicking country dances from 17th century England performed on lute, cittern, bagpipes, recorder, fiddles, curtal, hurdygurdy, and four lusty voices.

‘A captivating collection.... .the performers enter into the sprit of the songs with rumbustious relish’

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'Penny Merriments',_The/32881.htm

Rude, lewd, sentimental and political, these penny ballads were the pop music and tabloid press of 17th century England and mixed entertainment and titilation with important events of the day. Solo songs set to favourite popular tunes with a variety of period instruments.

‘Delicious entertainment - bawdy, brave, nautical, noxtious…the zest is palpable and infectious’

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NEW! Buy on iTunes‘Music of the Old Jewish World’

Vibrant and moving selection of songs, melodies and dance music from the Jewish tradition. Yiddish and Sephardi songs, Klezmer and Hassidic melodies. Traditional instruments include clarinet, fiddle, accordion, oud, darabukka and cymbalom.

‘An absolute joy - grace, passion and virtuosity’

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‘Raisins and Almonds’
(in ‘Geographical area’ column, scroll down to ‘Jewish’)

Music of the Jewish tradition: Yiddish and Sephardi songs, Klezmer dances and hassidic melodies, with traditional instruments. Much awaited re-release.

‘The stunning vocals of Lucie Skeaping, sometimes soaring, elsewhere sweeping, make this an album of exceptional quality’

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‘Bawdy Ballads of Old England’
(formerly ‘The Musitians of Grope Lane’) (go to 'vocal collections')
(link is for info only; order this CD direct from Lucie Skeaping)

Street songs, and ballads from the Pepys collection and others, plus variety of Playford dances, as heard in the taverns, theatres, streets and countryside of 17th century England. Rude, lewd, sentimental and lively - on period instruments.

‘Keep a bucket of cold water handy and enjoy’
BBC Radio 3

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NEW! Buy on iTunes'Yiddish, Klezmer and Sephardic Music' EUCD 2332

Traditional Jewish world music, songs, ballads and dances, Yiddish, Ladino etc, traditional instruments.

‘A terrific listening experience - it catches the life-blood of living’

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NEW! Buy on iTunes'The English Tradition'

400 years of English popular song from Greensleeves to early Victorian. Songs with period instruments incl lute, recorder, curtal, harpsichord, fiddle, pipes, hurdygurdy etc.

‘The City Waites summon up the exuberance and sheer anarchy of an early street band’

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NEW! Buy on iTunes'Klezmer and Hassidic Music’ EUCD 2540

Moving and foot-tapping instrumental music from Eastern Europe - Klezmer and Hassidic dances, traditional instruments.

‘The original World Music where Europe, Africa and the Orient freely mingle’

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NEW! Buy on iTunes'Folksongs of Israel’ EUCD 1513

Beautiful, spirited and varied selection of Israeli songs from male and female solo singers with traditional band. Some familiar, and some early songs of the pioneers in Palestine.

‘A burning revelation’

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'Pills To Purge Melancholy'

Solo songs (tenor and soprano) from the theatre, street and home from the collection published by Thomas Durfey in early 18th century. Comic, sentimental, pretty and bawdy. Small period instrument band.

‘Smashing performances, an absolute winner’

CD cover image'Christmas Now is Drawing Near'

Delightful collection of early English folk carols: wassails, Medieval to Victorian, town and countryside; instruments incl  harp, cittern, rebec, penny-whistle, fiddle, harmonium, bells. Soloists Tim Laycock and Lucie Skeaping. Lulla lullay, Holly and the Ivy, Boars Head, Remember O thou Man and more..