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Let’s Make Tudor Music

Let's Make Tudor Music23 themed classroom songs, listening games, projects and fun things to do for Key Stage Two Music

Devised by Lucie and Roddy Skeaping

  • Teachers’ Book
  • Pupils’ Book
  • Accompanying CD

Produced in association with the Early Music Network, Let's Make Tudor Music enables pupils to discover the joy of Early Music through a lively exploration of Tudor history and lifestyles, in the context of composing, improvising, appraising and performing targets set out in the National Curriculum.

Children and adults with no previous experience gain the confidence to be performing genuine early music in minutes, using ordinary classroom instruments, but guided by the expert, authentic performances and unique Learning Tracks contained on the integral CD.

For teachers, Let's Make Tudor Music contains clear and practical instructions, plus authoritative attention to historical accuracy. For pupils, the lively Tudor atmosphere created in the recorded performances and illustrations gives them the chance to discover early music through the active participation and the exciting sounds of period instruments.

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